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Thanasis Giannopoulos

Handcrafted Musical 


I was born in Athens, Greece in 1983. 

My quest in the construction of musical instruments began in 2001 when I was admitted to the Dept. of Technology of Sound and Musical Instruments in the Technological Institute in Kefalonia, Greece. During my studies (2001-2005) and through my exposure to western instruments and particularly classical guitar, I was introduced to the creation of musical instruments. 


After that I attended the school of Studying and Producing

Traditional Musical Instruments in Kastoria, Greece (2005-2008), an ideal environment to pass from the theoretical stage to the practical one. There I had the opportunity to experiment in making musical instruments, to interact with luthiers and musicians, and to explore the Greek and Turkish traditions in string instruments. 


My next step led me to my greatest school, the workshop of Turkish maker Necati Gurbuz in Izmir, Turkey (2010-2014). 


As knowledge and experience are ongoing processes, my next stop was the workshop of Baris Yekta Karatekeli in Izmir, Turkey (2014-2018). 

Since 2019 I have settled in Athens next to luthier Theodoris Flessias. 

I feel fortunate to have been given the chance to work side by side with great and experienced luthiers, so as to combine craftmanship with academic knowledge. 


Making instruments involves a variety of sciences and arts, such as maths, physics, chemistry, geometry, drawing, sculpture and carpentry. Nevertheless, passion is what brings them harmoniously together in shaping a musical instrument.

Athens era

Izmir era

Kastoria era

Tel: +30 6977284975

Athens - Greece

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